The world is changing so how are we adapting?

Recently, Peter sat down to reflect on the past 10 years of First Choice Solar, as well as to focus on and discuss the adaptability that will be required by the business for years to come to continue to be viewed as one of the largest and most respected solar companies in South-East Queensland. Read on to see what was discussed.

If there is one thing the team at First Choice Solar knows after a decade of riding the ‘Solar-Coaster’, it is that adaptability is crucial for longevity. From our beginnings when we started life contracting for other solar companies, we have always had one eye on the future and been ready to change tack to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. 

In those early years, it was realising the potential to leverage off generous government schemes and become a solar retailer in our own right. Then came the battle to survive the solar downturn of 2012 when the demise of large feed-in tariffs saw potential customers retreat and hundreds of solar businesses go broke. Agility was never more important and our ability to navigate that difficult period ensured we emerged stronger than ever.

And so we come to 2021 and a world where the need for clean, green energy solutions has never been more crucial but governments continue to move the goalposts when it comes to solar policies. The latest example is this month’s release of new rules by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) that will see power companies able to charge people with rooftop solar panels for exporting electricity to the grid. Under the changes set to take effect in 2025, charges will be imposed when there is congestion on the grid such as the middle of the day.

While some companies and many customers are railing against the news, we do things differently at First Choice Solar. Change is a fact of life, particularly so in the solar industry, and we are choosing to spend our energies evolving as a business to meet the new circumstances. On that note, we have embraced a vision to become a leading energy enabler that shows customers how to better manage their solar energy. As opposed to companies that simply install solar panels, we will focus on providing solutions for our customers’ future energy needs and teach them how to use their power in a smarter way.

This includes facilitating access to the latest battery technology that allows them to store their power when the grid is saturated and export it during periods offering high feed-in tariffs. We will educate them about the capability of electric vehicles to store and export power, along with advocating ground-breaking automation technology to ensure the more efficient use of power. We envisage a rise in the number of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled appliances that can be switched on when feed-in tariffs drop, with ideal candidates including washing machines, dryers, heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles.

During the past decade we have established First Choice Solar as one of the largest and most respected solar companies in South-East Queensland and Northern NSW. We have completed more than 10,000 residential and commercial installations and introduced thousands of people to the environmental and financial benefits of solar.

Now, as we enter the next decade of our journey, we are perfectly poised to adapt to the changing landscape and establish ourselves as leaders in not only introducing people to solar but guiding them on an increasingly complex journey and ultimately maximise their investment and achieve greater sustainability for all.