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What this visit does not include:

  • Additional time on-site to complete solar repair work
  • Additional materials for repair work

If your solar system is still under warranty, then we can provide a full report with photos for the manufacturer to repair or replace the faulty component. Any claims for faults or repairs under warranty are the responsibility of the manufacturer and will be determined by them.

If your inverter needs to be replaced out of warranty, we now offer a range of payment plan options.

All our work comes with a 12-month guarantee. We can also provide a free quote for any solar power repairs you require once we have carried out a full site assessment. This is to ensure that the quote given is accurate for the work that needs to be carried out.

Inverter Supplier News

If you currently own inverters of brand Samil Power, please contact the manufacturer directly on 1300134793 for quicker assistance. You may wish to visit their website at for more information.

If you currently own inverters of brand AeroSharp Australia, CMS and Kinglong New Energy (KLNE), please be informed that it has been confirmed that these companies have entered into administration. All warranties under these companies have now become void. Affected customers will have to pay a minimal charge for the replacement unit and labour fee and First Choice Solar will assist with the replacement.

If you currently own inverters of brand Olympia, Solar King (Powercomm) and Think Solar, please be informed that the manufacturer now requires customers to pay for the labour fee involved with the replacement unit. Labour fee may cost between $100 to $300 depending on your location.

If you currently own inverters of brand Latronics PVE, please contact the manufacturer directly at 1300 550 204 for quicker assistance. You may wish to visit their website at for more information.

If you currently own inverters of brand Sungrow, please contact the manufacturer directly at 1300 201 106 for quicker assistance.

Solar System Repairs & Warranty Claims Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Northern NSW

Is your inverter displaying a fault code? Is it showing a blank screen?

If your solar system is not working, then you require a solar system service.

Our expert Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast solar repair technicians will provide a full inspection of your system to determine the fault and complete a full report. If your inverter is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, then we will have the replacement stock shipped to our warehouse, and we will reinstall it for you at no additional cost.

We charge $150 + GST for a solar system service and report. This includes:

*Pricing is based on customers located within 50km radius of Gold Coast, 50km radius of Noosa. small travel cost will apply for Brisbane or Northern NSW customers.

  • Inspecting and recording inverter readings, make, model and serial number
  • Performing test of installation
  • Checking for recalled products while on-site
  • Supplying maintenance report checklist
  • Submitting a warranty claim to inverter manufacturers (when required)
  • Supplying a quote for out-of-warranty inverter replacements (quote can only be provided after completing a site visit)

Washing of solar panels and removing dust from the inverter casing can be arranged at an additional cost, please contact our office for pricing information.

Solar System Maintenance Timetable

Once a week:

  • Check inverter is operating.
  • Check inverter is recording exported energy.

Every 3 months:

  • Check for panel shading, as shading reduces performance.
  • Check for tree litter behind panels and framing.
  • Check for build-up of dust or bird droppings.

Every year:

Arrange First Choice Solar to carry out a Solar system performance and maintenance check.

Any work on your system is required to be carried out by a licensed electrician accredited by the Clean Energy Council to work on Solar Power Systems. Please note that your installation warranty is voided if work is carried out after installation by anyone other than our installation team, as we cannot be sure work has been carried out to our high standards.

Shut Down Procedure

Simply follow the steps below to shut down your entire solar system. Sometimes, a simple restart could help to make your system functional again, just like when your computer freezes!

Instructions for Shutdown Procedure:

Step 1: Go to your switchboard and open it. Locate the Solar Supply Main Switch and flick the switch to the off position.

Step 2: If your solar power inverter is more than 3 metres away from your switchboard, you must locate the switch marked, Solar AC Isolator. This will be located next to your inverter. If your inverter and switchboard are within 3 metres of each other, disregard this step

Step 3: Go to your inverter and find the switch marked PV Array and DC Isolator. Flick this switch to the off (O) position (in some cases there will be two switches). The off (O) position is usually downwards and the on (I) position is upwards.

Step 4: Your inverter may have a switch marked Inverter Isolator. If it does, flick this switch to the off position. If you cannot locate this switch on your inverter, skip this step. Your solar PV system should now be completely switched off. All lights and screen displays will be dead. Keep the system off for a minimum of five minutes.

Step 5: To restart your system, follow this guide in reverse. Simply, flick all switches back on in the same order that they were switched off but in reverse. *Please note any changes to the inverter

Monitor and Observe

Monitor the LCD screen on your inverter after you have completed the shutdown procedure. If there are stable green lights and no error message on the LCD screen, congratulations your solar system is working again. If there are red lights and/or error message, please take a photo of the LCD screen and attach it to an email, then send it to us at

Call or email us if the above steps did not clear the error or fault message:

Call 1300 356 881 or email To start the service request please have the following information ready to provide to our technician: Inverter Brand and Model, inverter serial number and install date. Failure to provide full information and photos may delay the process of warranty claim.

Diagnose and Resolution

Once we have received your details, we endeavour to diagnose the issue and respond to your service request within five business days. In case of emergency, please shut down your solar system.

Next steps

Usually the fault will lie within the inverter or the accessories (DC, AC breakers and other parts). Depending on what the fault is, we will advise you via email what are the next steps to take. We may either arrange for an inspection to further confirm if the fault lies within the accessories or we will lodge a claim with the manufacturer if the fault is with the inverter. Service call charges shall be applicable but not limited to the following situations

  • False or inaccurate claims
  • Warranty no longer valid
  • Please refer to inverter supplier news and service request form for more information.

Contact First Choice Solar

For all matters concerning Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast solar repairs, solar system servicing and warranty claims, contact the friendly team at First Choice Solar today.

from our clients

We did a lot of research before deciding on the panels and inverter that we thought was best. We had several quotes and decided to go with First Choice. We would highly recommend this company for price, installation, great product and pleasant attitude toward the customer. First Choice for sure. GREAT WORK.
June and Denis Kelleher

5 stars guys. Pete which I think is the boss, thanks for talking me through the benefits and costs of solar in layman’s terms. It’s great to be run through everything and not just relying on many solar companies tv adds out there. For Matty in office, thanks for organising everything including discussing panel fitment.
Nick Everson

Great service and price. The installs on both my house (5Kw) and business (30Kw) completed on time. The guys cleaned up after themselves and gave me great instructions on how to access my data and how to monitor our usage to ensure the lowest future power bills. Thanks.
Tyler Preston Smith

Ian Cox - solar testimonial

5 stars. Very happy with the way Peter dealt with my system being only six weeks out of warranty. Highly recommend this company to friends!
Ian Cox

I Had a 6.6kw system installed, great price and fast installation very professional. Very happy with my purchase highly recommend if in the market for a solar system. 👍
Kurt Dokter

Tom Hulse - solar testimonial

We got a 5kW system installed at home in Robina in January. Have been very impressed with the system and service from First Choice Solar, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
Tom Hulse

Professional. On time. Minimal disruption. Neat and tidy installation. Truthful about the power cost savings. Very happy. Our electricity bill has gone from about $1000 to $200 over the past few years. Great investment. Better than expected. Thanks Peter and FC Solar installers
Mick Scott

We purchased our solar power system from First Choice Solar. Peter spent the time to help us understand our options and walked us through the whole process. Everything from start to finish was easy. We have been up and running for over a year now and our power bills have been slashed. Highly recommend this company for its professionalism and value for money.
Katie - Gold Coast

Tony - solar testimonial

The team from First Choice Solar provided me with very prompt service, they installed my solar panels, solar inverter and surge protection equipment in our home and did a great job, I can certainly highly recommend them.
Tony - Gold Coast

Lee - solar testimonial

After some significant research over several weeks, First Choice Solar was my first and last choice. They are always pleasant to deal with. Their professionalism, attention to detail and customer care are second to none. I have been in business for many years, and their standards of excellence are exemplary. Well done
Lee - Gold Coast

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