Promoting Sustainability

We have recently entered into the ‘Telstra Small Business Awards’ and have progressed to stage 4 which involved Q&A session with three other past successful candidates. The questions related to the topic of “Promoting Sustainability” and how as a company we are contributing to sustainability.

By default, installing solar panels & batteries is good for the environment and promotes sustainability in itself, but this triggered me to think deeper about our efforts.

I have just had a look at a recent project that we installed and a few numbers stood out to me. The proposal estimated that the environmental benefits produced by the system are equivalent to planting 286 trees per year or avoiding consumption of 4745 litres of petrol or 5393kg of coal per year. These figures are often forgotten or bypassed and only the economic benefits are considered by many when it comes to solar.

As a company in the Renewable Energy sector we are extremely dedicated to promoting sustainability. But I believe it’s the additional processes that we have in place that highlight our dedication.

At the end of each day or the beginning of the next all of our rubbish is sorted with cardboard going into a dedicated bin, aluminium and copper are sorted to be scrapped and recycled whilst water & drink bottles are also placed in dedicated bins. Any second-hand solar panels are stacked, assessed, and sent off to Africa to provide solar power to third world communities.

Last but not least we practice what we preach and have a large solar and battery system installed on our showroom that gives us net zero emissions.

Peter Berkers