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What You Need to Know about Going Solar

If you are exploring about the solar energy then you would have been through some technical terms like on grid and off grid. In this article we are going to figure out the main differences and also which one is better from all the perspectives, especially the financial perspective.

On-Grid Solar Power System

In the on grid solar power system, you require the connection from the main grid station. To break down for easy comprehension we can say that a total of your electricity needs is being fulfilled through the energy being produced by your locally installed solar power system, and the remaining may be 25 percent electricity is obtained from the main grid station of energy supplier. This happens because in the day light your solar panels are producing energy out of the sun rays and all of your local installations are being run with the locally produced energy.

While in the night when there is no sun, this simply means that at times you might run out of the energy that is then fulfilled through the main grid station. This in a sense is pretty beneficial for the equipment that you have installed as this puts them on rest at the night time while taking the supply from the grid station. This in a sense is relatively cheaper as you have to use less number of solar panels and also the batteries. Here you main electricity supplier or the main grid also contributes in fulfilling your energy needs.

Off-Grid Solar Power System

Now switching the discussion towards the off grid solar power system, this has some major differences for sure. In this solar power system you have to solely rely on the domestically installed solar power system and you have no other option at your disposal in the form of the main grid connection. So this is obviously a bit expensive than the on grid system as you would require more working solar panels along with high quality batteries and also some on the back up to have the un interrupted energy supplies.

Here half of the solar panels would be meeting your energy needs, while the rest would be deployed on charging the batteries that would be used in the night time when there is no sun. So the energy needed at the night time when there is neither direct production of energy nor availability of the sun light, is obtained from the charged batteries. So you have to plan your battery bank in accordance to your energy needs that would suffice the 8 to 9 hours energy needs uninterrupted.

Gold Coast solar power would come up with a comprehensive plan that would suit your energy needs while ensuring the maximum saving possible for you.

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