Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got The Questions, We've Got The Answers

  • When was First Choice Solar established?

    Established in 2010, First Choice Solar is family owned and operated, has over 25 years experience and has overseen more than 10,000 solar power installations in Southeast QLD and Northern NSW.

  • Do First Choice Solar hire subcontractors to install systems?
    No, First Choice Solar use their own full time, fully qualified, Clean Energy Council accredited installers to carry out all work.
  • Who will conduct the initial consultation and site appraisal?

    All Consultations and site appraisals are carried out by qualified electricians and Clean Energy Council accredited designers.

  • Does roof orientation really matter?

    Solar panels will produce power facing any direction; however, the efficiency will vary depending on orientation of the panels to the sun. All quotes are done by two of the business owners who are both Clean Energy Council accredited designers and will provide a custom design solution to suit your specific needs.

  • Where do you place the inverter?

    It is recommended to have your inverter out of direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated area (where possible), we will always do what we can to meet customer requests.

    We Manufacture our own Inverter covers which are available for added protection. Refer to our FC Inverter Cover spec sheet for more information.

Steps to installing solar

Consultation and assessment

The first step is for us to take a look at your home. We can then assess which solar power system is best suited to your home, and if it can be fitted to the sunniest side of your house. We can do this either on-site or by viewing your property through satellite images online.


Once you’ve signed the Purchase Agreement, First Choice Solar will complete your paperwork to ensure your grid connection is approved.

System installation

This is the day when your physical system will be installed. Depending on your system’s size and location, it shouldn’t take more than a day.

Grid connection

An independent assessor from your electricity distributor will check the system to allow it to be activated and interact with the grid.

Active solar

You are now connected and enjoying solar power thanks to your smart energy choice.