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Solar Power For Your Home Or Your Business

First Choice Solar Showroom | Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Solar ExpertsSolar energy is the cleanest, greenest and most viable source of renewable energy available to help power your home, business or community organisation.

If you’re a Gold Coast home owner you would know very well that the price of electricity has only ever gone one way – and that is up. In fact in the last 3 years the average Australian power bill has jumped a massive 40% with no real end to the price rises in sight! Home solar power is one way that you can fight your ever rising power bill!

Solar power converts sunlight into electricity by using the sun’s energy to create an electrical current. Harnessing this renewable source of energy and converting it into usable electricity takes place within modules of specially fabricated materials that make up solar panels. It is a relatively simple and efficient process that requires no moving parts, with most solar panels being connected to the mains power supply through an inverter. This then converts the DC power produced by the modules into AC electricity, which is ready for your household or business needs.

Commercial Gold Coast Solar power systems are increasing promptly in popularity as businesses and corporate boards are realizing their appealing financial benefits. If your business has an interest in evaluating the viability of a solar power system at your facility, we can supply a custom made financial analysis and after conducting a site analysis and obtaining details from your power bill we will provide you with an obligation free quote.

Solar Panels Gold Coast | Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Solar ExpertsGrid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Most suburban and the majority of rural homes are connected to the electricity grid, which uses AC electricity. However, the electricity generated by solar panels is DC, which means that grid-connected solar PV systems require an inverter to transform the DC electricity into AC.

Households and businesses with approved grid-connected solar PV systems generally receive incentives from their electricity retailer (guaranteed by state governments) by way of a Purchase Agreement.

This is where unused electricity that the system produces during the day is fed back to the grid. The consumer then receives a credit for each unit of electricity that is purchased.  When panels are not producing electricity, such as at night, electricity is supplied to the consumer from the electricity grid. This is charged at the normal retail rate against credits accrued through the sale of unused electricity produced by your PV system.

Solar Panels Gold Coast | Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Solar ExpertsHow Does A Grid-Connected Solar PV System Work?

  • Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity
  • A grid-connect inverter transforms DC electricity into regular 240-volt power
  • A meter records the amount of electricity generated by your solar panels
  • Surplus solar energy is fed to the main electricity grid and credited to your account
  • First Choice Solar have almost 10 years of experience within the area of solar power enabling us to ensure you receive the optimum output from your system by using the very latest technology. Our Nearmap Solar Satellite Imaging software allows us to assess your property based on its location, letting us calculate the amount of solar energy you’re likely to get.

Using this data, our team can position your solar panels in the best spot, so you’ll be sure to receive the maximum exposure to the sun. We’ll also check the condition of your roof for installing solar panels, as well as identifying any potential issues that might affect solar output, including shade and overhead wires.

Nearmap’s GIS innovations and virtual tools allow accurate measurements, annotations and virtual solar panels to be overlaid onto the high-resolution aerial imagery.

Nearmap’s real-time power saving calculator, helps First Choice Solar deliver more compelling quotes that include photo-realistic representations of the final look and feel of new solar panels on a homeowner’s roof, plus a realistic estimation of the expected energy savings.

Once we’ve completed our assessment, we can then create a detailed grid connect solar power quote and energy savings report for your convenience.

Contact First Choice Solar

Enjoy the benefits of solar power in your home or business today by contacting the friendly team at First Choice Solar, the respected name in Gold Coast Solar Power.

from our clients

Very professional and friendly team of installers. Matt gave us the best advice and the best price for a good quality system. All of our communication was dealt with promptly. We would recommend First Choice Solar.
Sonia Harlow-Charlton

Highly recommended,professional and friendly installers great job very happy AAA++++
Donna Coughlan

Peter was very helpful and answered all my questions without high pressure sales pitches. The system was installed efficiently and on time. It is very pleasing to find that the output from the system is better than what was indicated in the sales brochures. I would not hesitate to recommend First Choice Solar.
Greg Grattan

Very happy with my replacement solar system. I've replaced 5kw system with 10kw system and now getting a large credit back on my electricityI think the system will be paid off in less than 4 years with the surplus electricity. Thank you so much for the very fast professional installation .
Keiko Jangega

From the moment I called for a quote through to the installation everything was efficient and professional. Matt, Peter and the team provided a great product, professional service, competitive price and lots of help to explain everything in a simple why for me to understand. Highly recommend First Choice Solar
Samantha Jackson

The team did an awesome job, they were on-time, super accommodating, nothing was destroyed or damaged, they tidied up & left everything the way it was really professional. We paid the remainder of the invoice this morning. Thanks for everything, we made a conscious decision to support local business!
Simon Brook

We are looking forward to getting our next electricity bill after Matt helped us upgrade our system. The boys who fitted the system were polite & friendly they cleaned up after themselves and explained the new system to us thoroughly. Our family highly recommends First Choice Solar to anyone that will listen. Thank you once again!!
Julz Hudson-Holland

Extremely happy with our new solar system, the team were all very polite and professional. Would highly recommend!!!
Bree Szabo

They are super reliable, on time and leave the job spotless, and have quality products. They are very helpfull on the sales side and after installation, we feel they are competative in their pricing and would have no trouble in reccomending First Choice Solar.
Joy Johnson

Outstanding job guys, I couldn't be happier with the service and quality of panels, inverter and installation. I highly recommend First Choice Solar for quality and peace of mind. Many thanks.
Dennis McDermott

I was happy with the excellent quotation process and quick installation. The owner was familiar with the specific installation requirements for a Ritek roof. I believe I got a high quality installation with better return of investment than anything achievable through banks, term deposits or bonds
Felix Schmid

Great sales and service, well recommended. Thank you to the team at First Choice Solar
Cheryl Gilbert

Thank you very much to Matthew and his team. Matthew was was informative and kind and his team was very efficient and tidy. Fantastic boys and I am very happy and grateful for your service.

Thank you First Choice Solar for installing my quality solar panels and inverter with zero issues at all. You where the only company who had the right information from the start. The most economical company for Clean Energy Councils top panels and inverters. Kind Regards,
Michelle, Clothiers Creek

Pete, Matt & all the guys have been sensational from start to finish. It all seemed to go very smoothly and was up very quickly from the moment I chose to go with them. Great price, speedy install & very helpful with information in layman's terms. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending First Choice Solar.
Troy Connolly

No high pressure sell just very helpful and considerate.Roof cleaning was arranged and installed in under a week .Excellent Service
Kenny John Stewart

Hi Matt, I just wanted to say thank you very much for lodging our claim for our inverter, they did replace it with a new one, we really appreciate what you did for us and all your time and effort was much appreciated. Many Thanks
Amanda and Sean

Thank you for your great advice and efficient professional service! Matt McKinley - your speedy follow up and technical explanations clinched my decision to go with First Choice Solar!
Michele Pippen

Your team, Josh and James, were excellent and diligently carried out their tasks in the installation process - they certainly do your company proud! I’m so happy and excited about having the solar. Thanks again First Choice Solar!

I would just like to thank all the team of First Choice Solar for giving us the confidence to get solar panels. We received our first electricity bill and we were $80 in credit!! Having the smart meter has really helped work out what to turn on and when. Thanks again!!!
Emily Bawden

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