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Signs Your Solar Hot Water System May Need to Be Replaced

If you’ve owned a solar hot water system for a considerable length of time, it’s a good idea to do a little groundwork and educate yourself on the options available to you in the event that your existing system breaks down. A defective system means no access to hot water – something that is particularly inconvenient, especially if it happens to fail during winter.

If you’re unprepared, it’ll also mean that you won’t know which replacement system is best for you. Thankfully, with a bit of careful consideration and forward thinking, you can ensure that you have the perfect replacement in the event that things go awry.

Things to Look Out For

How old your solar hot water system is and the symptoms it’s exhibiting can often be a great way to tell if it’s in the twilight of its existence and edging closer to failure.

Below is a list of warning signs and factors that may indicate that a need to replace your existing system is on the horizon:

Have You Had Your Hot Water System for Over 10 Years?

The life of an individual setup varies and whilst your system may last for a number of years yet, if you do find that it’s not functioning like it did in previous years, it could be a sign that it’s time for technician to take a look at it for you.

Are There Visible Signs of Wear and Tear?

If your system is rusted, leaking water or showing other signs of physical degradation, fixing it may simply involve the replacement of a number of parts. However, in some instances, it may be a better solution to replace the entire system altogether.

Does It Generate a Sufficient Amount of Hot Water?

A noticeable decline in hot water temperature or a reduced volume of hot water being generated is often a clear sign that your system is damaged and about to fail. On the other hand, it may simply mean that you require a replacement thermostat.

The severity of the above signs and factors will determine how likely you are going to be in the hunt for a new solar hot water system.

Unclear Whether It Needs Replacing?

If you are experiencing a decline in your hot water system’s output, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the system needs an immediate replacement, but it’s important that you obtain a professional opinion by having one of our highly trained serviceman take a look at it for you. Get in touch with us now on 1300 356 881 or fill in our contact form.

Important Considerations to Make Before Deciding On a New System

Do Your Research

Whilst contacting a plumber may seem like the logical thing to do when your water system packs it in, their service rates may not be the most economical and they may lack the necessary knowledge to properly identify a suitable replacement system. All solar technologies are advancing at a blistering pace, so it’s important that you consult with an industry authority such as First Choice Solar to help provide you with expert guidance and advice on choosing the right replacement product.

Are Your Hot Water Requirements Still the Same?

Have your hot water needs changed from when you bought your last system? Do you have more people living at the premises or less? It’s a good idea to purchase a solar hot water system that is suitable for your needs.

Buying an Identical Replacement

Often, when it comes time to buying a new appliance, we may opt to buy the same model of a particular brand, simply because it makes the buying process that much easier. However, solar technology is constantly evolving and that particular company that served you so well in the past, when you bought your previous hot water system, may not be producing systems that are now considered to be of a suitably high standard. It’s important that you speak to an industry professional and get their opinion on an ideal replacement device.

Contact First Choice Solar

If your old solar hot water system is playing up and you’d like to have a technician come and investigate it for you, or if your current one has recently packed it in and you need advice on the best replacement system, contact the team at First Choice Solar today on 1300 356 881 or fill out our online form.

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