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The Importance of Having Your Solar System Serviced

The Importance of Having Your Solar Systems ServicedIf you’re currently having problems with your solar installation, then it’s important that you have your system examined by a Clean Energy Accredited (CEC) specialist. Your problems may be caused by defective solar panels, a malfunctioning inverter, grid issues or other electrical faults.

At First Choice Solar, all of our technicians are certified specialists who will ensure that your solar setup is functioning at optimal capacity. They’ll perform a comprehensive inspection of your equipment and diagnose and repair any parts that require fixing.

Our Maintenance Process

Initial Diagnosis

Before one of our maintenance technicians heads out to your premises, our support staff will gather all the necessary details about your solar installation, such as the date that it was installed, the vendor, how many times your system has been examined since you’ve purchased it, if you’ve experienced problems before and so on. This will help us to identify the cause of your issues and decide on the best course of action.

Here are several typical issues that people encounter:

  • The solar inverter shuts off and attempts to reboot in the daytime; this can be due to a damaged solar meter, or an incorrect setting for the grid voltage or other criterion which is triggering the irregular behaviour
  • Inadequate cabling which has led to a ruined DC isolator
  • A solar panel has malfunctioned, resulting in the solar power system running at reduced efficiency
  • The solar inverter refuses to activate on hot days; the extreme temperatures may be causing the solar panels to overheat, which can resolved by adding extra panels or by cooling the panels down with water

Whatever the cause behind the problem is, you can be certain that our specialists can repair it for you.

Inspection and Fault Testing

Our technicians will perform a complete onsite assessment of your installation and check that all parts are in a satisfactory state and are performing as normal.

Our onsite assessment involves in the inspection of the following parts:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Inverter
  • DC Isolators
  • Wiring

Beyond individual parts testing, we’ll also perform a number of tests to help gauge the efficiency of your system.


Maximising Solar Energy Usage

Our technicians will offer invaluable advice to you and ensure that you get the very best out of your solar installation. This will help reduce your electricity bills further, while maximising the environmental benefits as well. For instance, utilising a power hungry appliance during the day will enable you to syphon its power demands from your solar resources, as opposed to using the appliance later on, which will result in more power being used from the grid at premium rates.

Clean Energy Requires Clean Panels

Getting the most out of your solar system means keeping your solar panels clean from excess debris which can reduce their ability to absorb sunlight. It’s a good idea to have your panels washed twice a year.


If it’s determined that your solar inverter is beyond repair but it’s warranty has since expired, all is not lost. We have extensive knowledge of the latest inverter brands and models and can provide you with a recommendation on a replacement device that is ideal for your energy demands.

Arrange for an Inspection Today

If your experiencing issues with your solar installation, don’t delay. Seek the professional help of our qualified technicians by contacting the team at First Choice Solar today on 1300 356 881.

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