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Advantages of Solar Energy

1) It’s Renewable Energy

Unlike fossil fuels, such as natural gas, coal and oil, solar energy is an unlimited resource that cannot be exhausted. This energy is available to be utilised in every corner of the globe and can be readily accessed each day. Solar energy will continue to exist for as long as our sun does, which astronomers have calculated is at least another several billion years.

2) It Helps You Save on Electricity Bills

Solar energy is an alternative source of electricity, which enables you to draw upon its reserves to help handle the demands of your daily household energy consumption. As you no longer need to use as much electricity provided to you from your power company, you save on electricity bills. The exact amount that you ultimately save depends on the size of your solar installation.

Additionally, all surplus solar energy generated by your installation is sent back to the power grid for use by others, which entitles you to solar feed-in tariffs. The amount you receive from these tariffs varies from location to location and is also determined by how much surplus power is fed back into the grid.

3) It Has Many Purposes

Solar energy has many uses. It can be used to produce electricity to power your appliances and to generate heat to power your solar hot water systems or heat pumps. Solar energy is also a crucial means of generating electricity for people who live in remote parts of the world, where electricity from power companies is not be available to them. It is also used to purify drinking water in places that do not have an abundance of fresh water.

Beyond this, solar energy is also used throughout the world to power locomotives, personal solar gadgets (phones, watches, flashlights and so on), exterior lighting and much more. As the efficiency of solar energy continues to improve, so too do its applications.

4) Cheap to Maintain

Solar installations aren’t expensive to maintain. You must always remember to keep your solar panels clean, which typically only has to be performed once or twice a year, unless your panels happen to be positioned in an area that has a lot of falling debris from over-hanging trees or situated in an environment that is prone to heavy dust build-up. High quality panel manufacturers will often provide a substantial warranty with each panel sold, in the vicinity of two decades or more.

The other major component of a solar installation is the solar inverter. Modern systems can be expected to deliver between 10 and 15 years of continuous output. So all things considered, there is often very little expenditure required to keep your system running in tip top shape, beyond the cost of the original setup price.

If you would like your solar installation to be inspected, always seek the services of a professional repairman.

5) Solar Technology is Constantly Evolving

Like all technology, solar energy products are constantly evolving, with advances in solar panel tech enabling a greater level of sunlight absorption efficiency than ever before, resulting in enhanced energy production. These improvements will make solar energy an even more enticing solution for home owners throughout the world.

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